Greatly Expanding Indian Middle Class

Dr. Rajesh Shukla January 10, 2023

Millions are knocking on the doors to join this richie-rich bandwagon and they are spread all over the country. RICE’s report ‘The Rise of India’s Middle Class’ captures this unprecedented rise of wealth and offers pointers for the future.

Understanding Linkages Between Skills, Education and Earnings

Megha Shree , P Geetha Rani , Dr. Rajesh Shukla April 26, 2020

Skilling has emerged as a buzz word in the policy environment. The thrust for a policy-backed Skill Development Initiative is a significant step towards realizing the potential of the Indian workforce by enhancing its skill-ability and thus employability.

Why internet access is an enabler for high returns on skills

Megha Shree , P Geetha Rani , Dr. Rajesh Shukla March 21, 2019

DIGITAL INDIA has become the talk of the town in recent times. Indian Government launched the campaign to ensure all government services available to citizens via improved online infrastructure and increased internet connectivity.