India In All Its Spender

Rajesh Shukla March 2, 2023

The estimates of private final consumption expenditure (PFCE) which is a proxy for household consumption, is expected to rise in absolute terms to Rs 164 trillion in FY23 from Rs 143 trillion in FY22 and Rs 121 trillion in FY21.

Middle Goes To Top

Rajesh Shukla February 2, 2023

A stronger and more secure middle class is crucial for continuing India’s upward trajectory. A massive shift towards a middle-class society is already happening in India.

Greatly Expanding Indian Middle Class

Rajesh Shukla January 10, 2023

Millions are knocking on the doors to join this richie-rich bandwagon and they are spread all over the country. RICE’s report ‘The Rise of India’s Middle Class’ captures this unprecedented rise of wealth and offers pointers for the future.