ICE 360° Surveys: Project Goals and Objectives

PRICE has been set up to provide the ‘household and people-level’ ‘single window’ view on India's Consumer Economy and Citizens’ Environment. In this context, the last round of datasets and insights of ICE 360° Surveys (2014, 2016 & 2021) has already been in the public domain for larger benefits.

PRICE is engaged in building and disseminating seminal knowledge and insight about India’s Consumer Economy as well as India’s Citizen’s Environment

…with the following Project GOALS

  • Undertake high scholarship micro-consumer research on a regular basis to provide an objective understanding of Indian consumers and ‘Consumer India’
  • Encourage and enable all players (global scholars, academicians, market analysts and corporations) engaged in the development of business strategy and public policy, to bring greater consumer centricity into their work
  • Fill the gaps in currently available consumer data and insights

… while maintaining the following Project VALUES

  • Independence: Unbiased aid to business strategy and public policy
  • Integrity: Accurate, credible research focused on quality and objectivity
  • Knowledge dissemination: Propagation and transmission of results through publishing, distribution and public dialogue
  • Fiduciary responsibility: Utilisation of funds with utmost prudence and duty of care


Project OBECTIVES to strengthen the quality of public policy and business strategy by providing missing links of information and insights.

  • To put more and more sound and insightful people-level information into the public domain that helps evaluate and develop better policy. Public Domain defined in the widest possible way.
  • To lead with ‘shining the light on ‘issues that are ‘unknown – unknowns’ or blind spots
  • To bring the “human face” or people- centricity into India’s public policy debate and discourse, which today is mostly focused on outlays not outcomes, and on macroeconomic or supply side variables.  To make people wellbeing – Both Economic and Social – the end goal of policy.
  • To force Government to take note of people level data, especially in policy development.
  • To enable a more equitable society and policy that works to improve the lot of all Indians (as opposed to the ‘maximise GDP growth rate at all costs’ axiom that dominates today’s discourse).
  • To energize Indian Citizen Engagement with public policy.