Presentations 2023

PRICE An Introduction


Who We Are

PRICE is a ‘not-for-profit’, an independent ‘think tank’ devoted to provide factbased, ‘people view’ inputs for use in public policy and business strategy . 

Largely supported by grants and contract research; “Open Source”

One of its core activities is to conduct ICE 360 surveys: “Household Survey on Consumer Economy and Citizens Environment” to provide the household view on how India earns, spends, saves, invests, lives, thinks and accesses public goods.

TEN-year-old institution, among other research studies, PRICE has completed two waves (2014 & 2016) of ICE 360 surveys and Wave 3.0 (2021) is in progress.

Long standing expertise to execute scientific and robust primary and secondary data-based research by using internationally accepted “Quality Assurance Framework for Primary Data Research.”

Unique combination of macro-economic and micro consumer research skills.