Research & Working Papers 2013

When Precaution Creates Misunderstandings: The Unintended Effects Of Precautionary Information On Perceived Risks, The EMF Case

Rajesh Shukla , Peter M. Wiedemann , Holger Schuetz , Franziska Boerner , Martin Clauberg , Rodney Croft , Toshiko Kikkawa , Ray Kemp , Jan M. Gutteling , Barney de Villiers , Flavia N. da Silva Medeiros , Julie Barnett

In The Past Decade, Growing Public Concern About Novel Technologies With Uncertain Potential Long-term Impacts On The Environment And Human Health […] read more

Research & Working Papers 2013

Probing The Peoples Thought Complex

Rajesh Shukla , Gauhar Raza , Surjit Singh

Public Understanding Of Science Is An Area Constituted By Those Scholars Who Essentially Acquired Expertise In Various Established Academic Disciplines […] read more