Book And Reports 2014

Cost of Cash in India

Rajesh Shukla , Rama Bijapurkar , Benjamin D. Mazzott , Bhaskar Chakravorti , K. Ramesha , Dhananjay Bapat , Deepankar Roy

The payments business in India is on the cusp of a revolution. With rapid growth and modernization of the economy... read more

Research & Working Papers 2013

When Precaution Creates Misunderstandings: The Unintended Effects of Precautionary Information on Perceived Risks, the EMF Case

Rajesh Shukla , Peter M. Wiedemann , Holger Schuetz , Franziska Boerner , Martin Clauberg , Rodney Croft , Toshiko Kikkawa , Ray Kemp , Jan M. Gutteling , Barney de Villiers , Flavia N. da Silva Medeiros , Julie Barnett

In the past decade, growing public concern about novel technologies with uncertain potential long-term impacts on the en... read more

Research & Working Papers 2013

Probing the Peoples Thought Complex

Rajesh Shukla , Gauhar Raza , Surjit Singh

Public Understanding of Science is an area constituted by those scholars who essentially acquired expertise in various e... read more