Book And Reports 2023

Gearing Up For A Billion-Plus Middle Class By 2047

Rajesh Shukla

By 2047, If Political And Economic Reforms Have Their Desired Effect, The India Income Pyramid Will Have A Smallish Layer At The Bottom Comprising The Destitute And Aspirer Groups, A Huge Bulge Of The […] read more

Presentations 2023

PRICE An Introduction


PRICE Is A ‘not-for-profit’, An Independent ‘think Tank’ Devoted To Provide Fact-based, ‘people View’ Inputs For Use In Public Policy And Business Strategy . […] read more

Book And Reports 2020

Digital Payments Adoption In India, 2020

Rajesh Shukla , Rama Bijapurkar , Praveena Rai , Vikas Sachdeva

COVID-19 Has Imposed Significant Limitations On People’s Lives. The Lockdown Period In India, Lasting Few Months Of 2020, Has Altered How India Pays, Driven By Lifestyle Changes. […] read more