Water Body Census 2023

The primary objective of the study is to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the WBC including an understanding of the key research areas and definitions, coverage and quality of data.


How India lives, thinks, earns and spends

An overwhelming majority, 87%, of people living in metros belong to the top two quintiles of India’s income pyramid but even the richest among them consider themselves ‘middle-class’, says ICE survey


Indian households’ healthcare woes

The low penetration of health insurance and high health costs expose Indian households, especially those at the bottom of the pyramid, to severe financial shocks, according to fresh...


Asking the right questions

Just as non-cash shouldn’t mandatorily be imposed, neither should cash. Why has this not figured on a reform agenda between 2004 and 2014, or much earlier?...


How many Indians travel?

You may think that eating out and taking a holiday trip are some of the simpler pleasures of life, but fresh data on household spending across India shows that an overwhelming majority of families in India may find such pleasures beyond their reach...


Let the numbers speak

The discussion on the fall in employment after the November 8 demonetisation relies on anecdotal evidence. It is not backed by data...


How Indians spends

Rural households collectively outspent their urban counterparts over the past year, according to data from a nationally representative consumer survey...


How Indians earn

A fifth of bread-winners in India are salaried employees, a third are labourers, and a little less than half of bread-winners are self-employed, according...


Bridging the connectivity gap

While the government has announced a number of big impact schemes, the focus should now be on creating linkages between various departments and roping in stakeholders with different types of expertise...