We are a Not-for-profit Think-tank and Fact-tank

PRICE is an independent, not-for-profit research centre, a ‘think tank’ and ‘facts tank’ engaged in building and disseminating seminal knowledge and insights about India’s Macro Consumer Economy and Citizen’s Environment, for use in formulating public policy and in shaping business strategy.

The core of PRICE’s work focuses on “how India, earns, spends, saves, lives, thinks, accesses public goods and amenities”.

PRICE is committed to generating longitudinal data that will allow for realistic projections of India’s household incomes, consumption expenditures and savings for the coming decade.

PRICE’s work also aims at enriching policy targeting via insights on key socio-economic, ‘state of nation’ and ‘inclusion’ indicators.


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Trending in Economy

The Indian economy has increased in size from being tenth to 5th largest in the world in the last nine years.


(Minister of Finance, India)
Trending in Economy

The challenges and possibilities of our country demand that we work together as one, cutting across all divides of wealth, region, religion, caste, and more.


(Azim Premji Foundation)
Trending in Economy

India’s inherent strength, enabling policy environment and strong macroeconomic fundamentals has led the country to deal with future challenges.


(RBI Governor)