Data Editing, Cleaning and Consistency Checks

To ensure data quality and timely availability of data, the Consumer Survey on Digital Channels and Consumer Emotions will be implemented using the PRICE’s Survey Solutions CAPI software. Each field investigators and supervisors will be with equipped with android based tablets during entire primary data collection work. The use of Survey Solutions will allow for the real-time availability of data as the completed data will be completed, approved by the Supervisor and synced to the PRICE Headquarters server as frequently as possible. While administering the questionnaire the enumerator(s) also will use their tablets to record the GPS coordinates of the dwelling units. In Survey Solutions, PRICE Headquarters can then see the location of the dwellings plotted on a local map to better enable supervision from afar – checking both the number of interviews performed and the fact that the sample households lie within sample location boundaries

Data cleaning

The data cleaning process will be done in several stages over the course of field work and through preliminary analysis. The first stage of data cleaning will be conducted in the field by the field based field teams utilizing errors generated with the Survey Solutions application. For questions that flagged an error, investigators will be expected to record a comment within the questionnaire to explain to their Supervisor the reason for the error and confirming that they double checked the response with the respondent. Supervisors will be expected to sync the enumerator tablets as frequently as possible to avoid having many questionnaires on the tablet, and to enable daily checks of questionnaires. Supervisors are also advised to review completed interviews on the tablets so they would review prior to syncing but still record the notes in the Supervisor account and complete questionnaires accordingly. The second stage of data cleaning will also be done in the field and for the weekly error reports generated a dedicated team of IT staff using statistical software at headquarter by checking the data loaded by field forces and send electronically to respective teams. Field supervisors collect reports for their assignments and in coordination with the enumerators review, investigate, and correct errors. Due to the quick turn-around in error reporting, it facilitates to conduct call backs while the team is still operating in the enumeration area whenever it requires. Corrections to the data are entered and response to incomplete interviews send back to headquarters.

Additional cleaning will be performed after interviews are “Approved” where appropriate to resolve systematic errors and organize data modules for consistency and efficient use. Case by case cleaning will also be performed during the preliminary analysis specifically pertaining to out of range and outlier variables. All cleaning activities will be conducted in collaboration with the IIMA research team in the design and implementation of the Consumer Survey on Digital Channels and Consumer Emotions.