Data Management/ MIS

IT Manager and his/her team of data managers, help desk team, will be responsible for the back-end server and data management. The IT team would initiate the process of developing the questionnaires as a digital enabled application, and the preparations for piloting the same in different locations on PDA. After finalizing the application, the questionnaire will be posted on the web-server for the field to download on PDAs. The IT team will also set up the connectivity in different states, and be responsible for providing specifications for all hardware procurement/enhancement, besides all IT related solutions.

The help desk team in coordination of state field coordinators will be responsible for tracking the number of questionnaires filled by each investigator per day, the number of questionnaires back-checked by each supervisor and state field controller, delays in up-loading data from the field (for each investigator), and delays in up-loading back-checked questionnaire data. The submission of final data sets by state will be undertaken on a continuous basis. The data management team will also be responsible for organizing the parallel data entry of local language name and address details, which are captured as image data during survey.

Figure 2: Survey ET Solution Diagram for Data Capturing

Survey ET Solution Diagram for Data Capturing

The data finalisation shall be done at two levels - the canvassed schedules undergo complete editing, and validity checks to ensure the completeness of information at data centre. After that the edited schedules will entered in a predetermined format at the data capture centers and do the consistency check. Then the entered data will be sent to main centre for data warehousing. Data will be checked and if any defects or gaps will be rectified through well-laid out procedure.

The data management team will generate MIS reports as per the finalized MIS and data format requirements and specification of the core research team. With inputs from research team, the designing of formats for weekly data submission will be undertaken, as also the formats for required MIS.