Main Features of ICE 360° survey

  • Best mix of Baseline-Panel-Longitudinal-Cross-sectional.
  • Using stratification and probability sampling to generate representative samples.
  • Sample size is determined based on the accuracy required and the resources available.
  • Standard survey principles and procedures such as a good survey design, well-designed survey instruments, using reliable sample frame, proper implementation field work, robust data cleaning and analysis will be undertaken to minimize sampling and non-sampling errors.
  • Non-response is controlled by conducting focus group, proper training of interviewers and supervision.
  • Components of income, expenditure and saving are collected from head (accrue to the household as a unit) and individuals (accrue to individuals)
  • In addition to household data, data on demographic profile of all household members are collected.

Table 1: ICE 360° survey - Features

ICE 360° survey - Features